May 5, 2023

Best Punch Down Tool: Get the Job Done Right

With the advent of new technologies, the best punch down tools are now available on the market, offering a range of advantages over traditional tools.

Best Punch Down Tool

If you’re into telecom, networking, or home audio installations, then you know the importance of a good punch down tool.

Punching down wires can be tedious and frustrating if you don’t have the right tool for the job. A good punch down tool can save you time, money, and headaches.

What is a Punch Down Tool?

A punch down tool, also known as a krone tool or impact tool, is a hand-held device used for inserting and terminating wires into insulation-displacement connectors (IDCs) on punch down blocks, patch panels, and keystone jacks.

It works by punching the wire into the IDC with a forceful impact, creating a secure and reliable connection that can withstand years of wear and tear.

Why Do You Need a Punch Down Tool?

Whether you are a professional network installer, an IT technician, or a DIY enthusiast, having a quality punch down tool is essential for efficient and effective cable management. With a punch down tool, you can:

– Save time and effort by quickly terminating wires without the need for stripping and twisting them manually

– Ensure consistent and reliable connections that meet industry standards and minimize signal loss and interference

– Reduce the risk of injury and hand fatigue caused by repetitive manual work

Types of Punch Down Tools

There are several types of punch down tools available on the market. The most common ones are:

1. Non-Impact Punch Down Tool

This type of tool uses a simple pushing motion to insert the wire into the IDC. It is suitable for low-volume installations and occasional use.

2. Impact Punch Down Tool

This type of tool uses a spring-loaded mechanism to generate a forceful impact that drives the wire into the IDC. It is more efficient and durable than non-impact tools, making it ideal for high-volume installations and frequent use.

3. 110 Punch Down Tool

This specialized tool is designed specifically for terminating wires on 110-style punch down blocks commonly used in telecommunications and data networking applications.

4. Keystone Jack Punch Down Tool

This tool is used for terminating wires on keystone jacks, which are modular connectors that snap into wall plates and patch panels.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Punch Down Tool

When choosing a punch down tool, you should consider the following factors:

1. Type of Connection

Make sure the tool is compatible with the type of connector you are working with, whether it’s an IDC on a punch down block, a keystone jack or a patch panel.

2. Impact Strength

If you are going to be using the tool frequently or for large-scale installations, consider getting an impact punch down tool with adjustable impact strength settings.

3. Ergonomics

Look for a tool that feels comfortable in your hand and has features like non-slip grips and adjustable blades that can help reduce hand fatigue and prevent injury.

4. Durability

Choose a tool made from high-quality materials that can withstand repeated use and abuse without breaking or malfunctioning.

5. Brand Reputation

Consider buying from a well-known and trusted brand with a good reputation for quality and customer service.

Top Picks for the Best Punch Down Tool

After researching and testing several punch down tools on the market, we have come up with our top picks for the best punch down tool in each category:

1. Best Overall

Fluke Networks D814 Impact Punch Down Tool: This high-quality tool offers unmatched performance and durability thanks to its adjustable impact settings, ergonomic design, and replaceable blades.

2. Best Non-Impact

Klein Tools VDV427-800 Punchdown Tool: This simple yet effective tool is perfect for occasional use and DIY projects with its spring-loaded blade and built-in wire cutter.

3. Best 110 Punch Down Tool

TRENDnet TC-PDT Professional Impact Punch Down Tool: This specialized tool is designed specifically for terminating wires on 110-style punch down blocks and includes interchangeable blades for added versatility.

4. Best Keystone Jack Punch Down Tool

Platinum Tools 100054C EZ-RJPRO HD Crimp Tool: This versatile tool not only terminates wires on keystone jacks but also crimps RJ45 connectors and includes a built-in wire stripper.


A punch down tool is an essential tool for anyone working with networking cables and connectors. By choosing the right tool for your needs and following proper techniques, you can ensure reliable and efficient connections that meet industry standards and last for years to come.